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Selected as a NCCCP Site by the National Cancer Institute

The Saint Elizabeth Cancer Institute is one of 18 community-based cancer centers selected byNCI Community Cancer Centers Program the National Cancer Institute to participate in the NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP).

As a NCCCP site, our charge has been to participate in a national network of community hospitals focused on expanding cancer research and delivering the latest, most advanced cancer care from prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship to more Americans in their home communities.

NCI established the NCCCP as recognition of the essential role that community hospitals play in the health of the American public. The NCCCP seeks to extend NCI science and patient support services to community hospitals – many of which are located in small towns, and rural and urban areas – where most patients live and get their care. Because the majority of U.S. patients are treated at community hospitals, integrating the latest scientific advances and patient support resources into the community is expected to improve cancer outcomes among diverse populations.

Since the 1970s, NCI has supported research and patient treatment programs at NCI-designated Cancer Centers, generally the largest academic research institutions located in the major U.S. cities. NCI estimates that 15 percent of U.S. cancer patients receive cancer care at these centers. The other 85 percent are initially diagnosed and receive at least their first course of treatment at community hospital centers.

Benefits of our Affiliation with the National Cancer Institute
For many years, we have provided patients with innovative cancer care. Since our affiliation with NCI, patients now have expanded options for their cancer care, including:

  • We are making it easier for rural, elderly and other medically underserved communities to receive cancer prevention and treatment services. We are increasing the number of free cancer screening events we offer at public places and educating more area residents about the importance of cancer prevention and early detection.
  • Our patients are assigned a Cancer Nurse Navigator – a specially-trained nurse who provides personal assistance arranging financial support, transportation and other cancer care services. 
  • We can now offer patients more options for participating in cancer clinical trials. Participants may benefit from trials by receiving the very latest prevention and treatment advances before they are available to the general public.

Learn more about the NCCCP program.

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