The Advanced Baby Center
Your Third Trimester
Saint Elizabeth believes in providing care to the whole person; doing more than just routine care that can make a big difference in your birth experience. We look at the whole person—your family, traditions, customs, beliefs, and emotions as well as your physical health. You can bring these important aspects of who you are into your special birth experience to make it truly your own.

Your Last Trimester (Months 6 to 9)

  • Expect a call for your pregnancy registration telephone conference
    We will discuss both medication and non-medication options for managing pain during your delivery. We provide 24-hour, in-house anesthesia for cesarean births and labor epidurals.We will also discuss special requests and education for Cesarean births if needed.
  • Take a Lamaze class
    Learn about labor-coping tools, medications, epidurals, and healthy childbirth options.
  • Schedule your car seat fitting
    To schedule your personal, one-on-one appointment for a fitting and safety check with a certified instructor, call 402.219.7000. (Your baby cannot leave the hospital without a car seat).
  • Select a pediatrician or medical caregiver for your child
    Call to make sure they are accepting new patients.
  • Continue bonding with your baby
    Read in soothing tones, and play comforting music.
  • Decide on a name
  • Talk to your support person
    Discuss individualized birthing options – cultural and family traditions or prayers.
  • Take a breastfeeding class
    Breastfeeding classes are available during your pregnancy with International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants and specially-trained nurses.We offer you a coupon in your packet for discounts on breast pumps and supplies from our Gift Shop.
  • Hospital bag checklist